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Unlocking the Past

and Facing the Presence of Polish Jews

Present conditions in Poland made the renewal of Jewish life and the cultivation of national traditions and cultural heritage possible. The congregations care for Jewish cemeteries, synagogues and houses of prayer, are involved in charity works. They are also involved in presenting the past and present days of Polish Jews including special meetings, lectures and educational goals to keep the memory of the Holocaust to make it never happen again.



  • Meeting with representation of Jewish Community in Warsaw or Krakow to discuss a nowadays life of Polish Jews
  • Shabbat dinner and concert of Yiddish songs performed by actors of the State Jewish Theater in Warsaw
  • Lecture “The History of Polish Jews before and after the WWII”
  • Meeting with Holocaust Survivor and director of the Galicia Museum in Krakow
  • Visit to Oscar Schindler Factory and meeting with Righteous Among the Nations

Guaranteed Departure Tours

Mazurkas Travel operates own guaranteed departure tours, with four programs and the list of 30 fixed dates valid from May till October.

Additionally, each year, we add a special departure dedicated to either cultural event or special aspect of life.

Our programs cover a wide part of Poland's diversity. From the Baltic seaside spread in the north edge, to the breathtaking Tatra Mountains in the south, with lakes and forests scattered in the Mazurian region, through the architectural highlights of Poland to be found while travelling across part of our country. We encourage you to feel Poland with all your senses, taste our cousine and collect the best recipes how to discover Poland in the most unforgettable way.


  • Explore the magnificent chambers of the Warsaw Royal Castle, the former seat of Polish monarchs;
  • See the miraculous Black Madonna at the Jasna Gora Sanctuary, a leading pilgrimage destination in Poland;
  • Visit the Jaszczurowka Chapel, a great example of the wooden architecture in Zakopane;
  • Admire the beauty and diversity of the Tri-City complex: Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot
  • Stop at the Teutonic Knights Castle in Malbork - the largest brick building in Europe and one of Poland’s greatest tourist attractions;
  • Visit the medieval town of Torun, a UNESCO Site – a small historic trading city that preserves to a remarkable extent its original street pattern and outstanding early buildings;
  • Take part in an open-air picnic with folkloric entertainment in Gietrzwlad, a town set in Mazurian Lakes region

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Pilgrimage to Poland   

Poland is one of the leading pilgrimage destinations in the world. With these program we want to introduce to you the main sanctuaries and monasteries, and the role of the Polish Catholic Church that influenced on people in Poland through the ages and during the difficult turbulences of latest history of our country.



  • Visit the Sanctuary and Center of John Paul II in Lagiewniki and see the relics of the Holy Father - the cruet with His blood, the crosier, and theplaque from His grave;
  • Special opening of the Library at the Jasna Gora Monastery with impressive collection of ancient books;
  • Walk through the Calvary Path in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, one of the most beautiful calvaries that lies among the colorful hills of the Wadowice Upland;
  • Enjoy the meal served by monks and prepared based on the traditional Benedictine's recipes
  • Lecture on the history of the Catholic Church in Poland

Cultural Heritage of Art

Program for lovers of traditional and contemporary art and architecture, active sightseeing and creative visits to museum and small manufactures. This program present all the richness of Polish traditions in different fields of art and also the modern achievements in art and architecture.



  • Meeting with one of the leading Polish artists in his private gallery Visit the Centre for Contemporary Art that has a mission to promote the creation and documentation of all forms of contemporary art
  • See the Art Museum in Lodz – one of the most famous and prestigious art institutions in Poland
  • Visit the newly opened Center for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor “Cricoteca”
  • Curator-led visit to National Museum in Warsaw with lecture on one of the current exhibitions


Culinary Journeys

Polish cuisine is not known as well as Polish hospitality.  Living in the shadow of the latter it remains a largely unexplored and fascinating area that retains much of its old culture. This fact however should only be an encouragement to trace more than a thousand year old history of Polish table, cuisine, to see the evolution of Polish table and to observe its natural charm and authenticity. That is why even with more pleasure we will welcome you at the Polish table and present the very best of Polish culinary traditions.



  • Enjoy a fun of Polish dumpling cooking lesson in one of the local restaurants with degustation of various kinds of dumpling with different stuffing: meat, cabbage and mushrooms, fruit, white cheese.
  • Join a home-hosted dinner prepared by the local family, get to know local people talents, passions, taste home-made specialties and enjoy warm and enchanting atmosphere
  • Visit a farmstead restored according to the traditional architecture rules with a twist of modern design. Enjoy a guided tour of the cider facility tasting of three types of cider;
  • Visit to Tyniec Benedictine Abbey - try the variety of products made by monks based on old traditional recipes, such as: wine, jams, herbal liquors, preparations of vegetables and fruit


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