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Lights, Camera, Action! Let us take you to a walk as from the movie set. This most eclectic Polish city is a production center for the talents of Central European cinematography. Film School in Łódź is probably the most famous film school in this part of the world. Every year it releases talented directors, cinematographers and actors, among which there are winners of many Academy Awards, Oscars and other prestigious film awards. Clap! We're changing the shot. In the 19th century, at the height of the industrial era, Łódź was the fastest growing European metropolis. The midwife over the confluence of many rivers was the seat of manufacturers, weavers and fibrils. Currently, dozens of factories scattered around the city are being revitalized, thanks to which Łódź gains unique and at the same time industrial spaces: shopping centers, art incubators, lofts and office buildings. But it is not everything! The movie about Łódź has many threads. One of them is also its multiculturalism. Even a hundred years ago, Poles, Jews, Germans and Russians walked the streets of the city. To this day, traces of them can be found in many nooks and crannies. Coming soon to the ci… to Mazurkas Travel! 

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