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The legend has it that once Kraków was tyrannized by the fire-breathing dragon. Yet, thanks to the brave shoe-maker the danger has passed and the reptile is not a threat anymore. Since those times Kraków has become a magical city that is known throughout the world for its charm, beautiful monuments, artistic spirit and the aura of mystery. Have you heard of Polish dumplings? Probably yes as the dish is known across the borders! But trust us they taste the best in Kraków made by local chefs, with the ingredients brought just from the close-by mountains. Or are you fancying a less known dish? We will take you for „zapiekanka”, a Polish toasties that is youth’s favourite especially at the Jewish Quarter Kazimierz. Want more? Have you ever thought of having a dinner in the historic salt mine, 135 meters underground"? Mazurkas Travel is able to arrange it for you.

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