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New Zealand

Incentive Destination - New Zealand

  • It is a country for lovers of extreme sports, offers countless opportunities for active recreation.
  • Wonderful nature, always smiling residents and a sense of security.
  • Isolation of the island for thousands of years and the distance from civilization has meant that fauna and flora are still virgin.



  •  you have to try this to learn how to own "pants in the washing machine", we will go inside plastic ball and out of the claws ...
  • The trail of the "Lords of the Ring" - landscapes of New Zealand are ready like  film decorations: vast corn fields, hilly pastures, juicy green meadows, dark caves, secret tracts and fabulous mountain peaks - you need to see and feel like the heroes of Tolkien's trilogy. We will see, among others "Top destination" volcano Mt.Ngauruhoe in the Tongariro National Park and Hobbiton - the land of hobbits.
  • Queenstown - a mecca for adventurers - this is where A.J.Hackett invented and popularized bangee jumping. In the area there are great conditions for climbing, rafting and heliski.
  • New Zealand Southern Alps - a perfect place for winter sports: skiing, snow-rafting, snowboarding and ice climbing. Maybe we can see kea, the only parrot in the world, which instead of tropics prefer to live near glaciers.
  • Discover Poor Knight Island -  one of the top ten diving spots in the world.


When to go?

Best from September to May during the New Zealand summer. Winter is from June to August, the day is short, it is often raining, but then the trip will be cheaper.


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