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Incentive Destination - Namibia

  • It is a country of contrasts, space and hospitable residents.
  • Namibia has colonial history and colorful sea of ​​dunes on the world's oldest Namib desert, from which the state took its name.
  • We recommend two deserts: Kalahari and Namib, the magnificent Fish River Canion and Etosha National Park with numerous species of animals, and silence and immeasurable horizon.



  • Sandboarding / quads - you can ride small quadricycles, ski or snowboard in the desert.
  • Cheetah protection project - a visit to an organization dealing with the protection of African cats, especially leopards and cheetahs. Attempts are made to adapt the cheetahs to life at large.
  • Meeting with tribes: Himba, Herero, Nama - meeting with women from the Himba tribe belongs to unforgettable impressions. The tribe is leading a nomadic lifestyle, and the bodies cover with red ocher.
  • Etosha Park - this is one of the largest parks in Africa. We will drive to water halls to meet herds of zebras, giraffes, elephants or antelope there. Our goal will also be to find lions.
  • Cessna flights over the Fish River and Skeleton Coast - Fish River is the second largest canyon in the world. Skeleton Coast is an inhospitable desert strip of land stretching all the way to Angola, practically without any sources of drinking water.


When to go?

Namibia can be visited throughout the year.


Polish citizens traveling to Namibia must have a residence permit in a passport. You can apply for it in the Namibia delegations (Berlin, tel. 0049 302540950). The validity of the passport must be 6 months longer than the visa validity period. When crossing the border at the airport, you must show a return ticket. No visas are issued at border crossing points.

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